Edison, WA: Tweet

The population of Edison, WA is 133.  But we decided to take the northern route 20 heading east across Washington because we wanted to stop in Edison for breakfast.  We met friends who drove down from Bellingham and explored town: a couple galleries, a bakery, a handmade furniture maker, a local artist wares shop, and Tweet, said breakfast place.  Tweet looks to be in an old garage and it now peddles veggies, coffee, and scrumptious meals to locals and visitors.  I’d venture to say it’s a two hour detour worthy place.  We ate our last extravagant northwest breakfast there before reluctantly turning the car eastward toward Chicago.


I think Mallard’s ice cream in Bellingham, WA makes my top three all time favorite ice cream joints.  It even beats Jeni’s in Columbus, OH.  Last time I was here I ate a very memorable cardamom ice cream.  I was disappointed to not see it on the flavor list this time, but that allowed me to branch outside my indian spices and try basil.  It was sweeter than I expected, but it was perfect.  I will have dreams about this ice cream.  The chocolate earl grey wasn’t bad either.  But, oh man, the basil.

The Kitchen

Our first stop on Orcas Island was for lunch at The Kitchen, a mostly outdoor cafe of Asian inspired deliciousness.  We all ordered variations of rice and veggies with tofu or tempeh or salmon.  I had tofu with sesame rice cakes and peanut sauce.  We ate in the sun.

I Loaf Tillamook

Some people head up the Oregon coast for the rocky beaches, tide pools, and breathtaking Ocean views.  I wanted to go to Tillamook cheese factory.

Oh, what a tasty and educational stop it was.  I learned that their medium cheddar ages for 2 months, sharp for 9 months and extra sharp for 15 months.  The “Vingage White Extra Sharp Cheddar” (ah, the je ne se quoi) ages 2 years.  Also, it takes 10 lbs of milk to make 1 lb of cheese and they make 167,000 lbs of cheese a day!  Of course I tried as many cheeses as I could.  But I also had to try their very northwesty ice creams: huckleberry, marionberry, black cherry, and peach.  A scrumptious stop along the Oregon Coast.

Breakfast in Seattle

breakfast accoutrements

Anna, my nyc roommate, hails from Seattle, and turned me onto The Coastal Kitchen, and for that, I don’t know if I can ever repay her.  In 3 trips, I’ve stayed in Seattle for a grand total of approximately 4 days, and I’ve eaten breakfast just as many times at the Coastal Kitchen.  I love how their menu focuses on a rotating latin country, and how you can learn tidbits about the country from the audio piped into the bathroom.  I had smoked sea bass with yucca hash and poached eggs there that I will never forget.  I’m just worried I’ll never be able to pull myself away and try a new breakfast place in Seattle, ever!

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