As of this summer, kombucha became much harder to find.  FDA rules and regulations regarding kombucha are being reevaluated due to its trace amounts of alcohol.   So kombucha lovers are doing what has always been easy enough anyway-making it themselves.  All it requries is a kombucha starter or “baby” and some tea to ferment.   Tori (above) lives at Wondermoth, which also served as my home in Buffalo for August.  Its fabulous residents host a weekly community potluck, share food, cooking tips, cleaning duties, homemade beer and ginger brews and kombucha!  Here, Tori wrestles with her vibrant kombucha to deliver babies to those in need, now that kombucha’s future lies in the balance.


1/2 Order of Eggplant Parm from Santasiero’s on Niagara and Lafayette in Buffalo, NY.  The place has been open since 1921.  It’s a favorite of Lenny Rico, who hosts WJJL’s (1440 AM) Italian-American radio show, Casa Rico.    Here’s the menu:
Italian Menu

Five Points Bakery

Buffalo, NY has so many little gems that aren’t exactly hidden, but simply exist quietly.  It’s true for people, music, and restaurants, but I’ve only found one such bakery.  Chaela has been raving about the sweetness of Five Points Bakery for months.  It is located in the diverse and bikeable west side of Buffalo, in a corner building that is full of light and the aroma of baking bread.    They have a nifty map of where in Western NY their ingredients originate.  They have a farmer that grows their wheat, which they then grind into whole grain flour.  I had a delicious whole grain cinnamon roll with an iced coffee (with coffee ice cubes!).  Kevin was baking Sourdough Ciabatta when I visited, and he was kind enough to let me watch.  Take a look…

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