New Theme, New Era

Hi, there.  You may have noticed things look different around here.  This blog is ushering in a new era.  I’m not really ready to define this new era yet, but it will hopefully be better than it was.  I won’t necessarily be writing more regularly here, but I’ll be thinking about things a lot more.  I admit to being a tiny bit tired of eating out and of endlessly traveling around, although, I’m still a fiend for a great roadside diner.   I do love good home cooking, but my skills are limited and not worthy of an entire blog.  I’m still very interested in seeking out interesting food finds, and hearing about what other regular folks are making and eating and doing.  I love people, places, and food.  So welcome to a period of delicious questioning and transition.  I’m embracing the questions.  It’s an evolution.  This period begins with a trip from my current home base in Chicago to my heart home of New England.  More on that later.

So for now, I’m not saying I will not be blogging about road food and breakfast gems, but hopefully I push myself farther. Thanks.



2 thoughts on “New Theme, New Era

  1. I think I should send you weekly Bohemian reports until you can’t stand it any longer: This weekend I got a croissant, a red pepper/mozz/fresh pesto sandwich, a slice of tiramisu cake, a slice of boozy raspberry cake, a slice of lemon meringue cake, and a slice of quiche. (And Annie told me her trick for keeping pesto from turning brown: vitamin C crystals!) Your heart home misses you!!

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