you say hazelnut, I say filbert

According to the Oregon Hazelnut Board, filbert is the original name from the French, who most likely introduced the tree to the northwest. The mighty English brought their imperialism and their “hazelnut” to the colonies.  It wasn’t until 1981 that the Oregon Filbert Commission became the Oregon Hazelnut Marketing Board.   Some other places tell me that the hazelnut and filberts are cousins.   I don’t know who to believe.  But it’s a fact that the majority of US hazelnuts are grown outside Portland, Oregon in the Willamette valley.

We stopped for lunch with a friend whose backyard is this hazelnut orchard.  We ate Bolivian quinoa cakes for lunch and left with a ziploc bag of roasted hazelnuts, which sustained us on our long drive back through the midwest.  I would’ve made this homemade nutella if I had any left.  Let me know if you try it.


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