I Loaf Tillamook

Some people head up the Oregon coast for the rocky beaches, tide pools, and breathtaking Ocean views.  I wanted to go to Tillamook cheese factory.

Oh, what a tasty and educational stop it was.  I learned that their medium cheddar ages for 2 months, sharp for 9 months and extra sharp for 15 months.  The “Vingage White Extra Sharp Cheddar” (ah, the je ne se quoi) ages 2 years.  Also, it takes 10 lbs of milk to make 1 lb of cheese and they make 167,000 lbs of cheese a day!  Of course I tried as many cheeses as I could.  But I also had to try their very northwesty ice creams: huckleberry, marionberry, black cherry, and peach.  A scrumptious stop along the Oregon Coast.


2 thoughts on “I Loaf Tillamook

  1. When my family went to Oregon we did the coast AND Tillamook! We did the tour of the factory and bought so much cheese we about made ourselves sick! Thanks for sharing, great post!

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