slappy cakes

Remember those Japanese hibachi restaurants where they samurai your vegetables and cook them on your table?  Well, this place (Slappy Cakes) in Portland uses a similar griddle/table and lets you MAKE YOUR OWN PANCAKES.  Ok, yeah, I know it’s kinda gimmicky, but I was able to put aside my pancake snobiness and totally enjoy this place with the eyes of a sugar syrup-loving 5-year-old.  Our pancake creations were inspired and totally awesome.  We ordered zucchini pancake batter and made goat cheese, scallion, and mushroom pancakes first, followed by buttermilk pancakes with hazelnut, blueberry,  and applesauce.  I would HATE to work here (syrup and batter everywhere), but it was a bonafide breakfast experience.

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