wedding cheesecake

I’m deliriously happy to be driving around Oregon and Washington in the height of summer.  Sylvan greenery, epic mountains, cool air, and delicious, fresh food.  This whole road trip happened because of a wedding I attended on a farm east of Portland, OR.  It was my kind of affair: lavender, burlap, barn.  One of the highlights was the dozens of wedding CHEESECAKES handmade by Cadie and Layne, bride and groom.  They used Pam’s (Cadie’s mom) recipe, displayed the framed origional on the dessert table, AND made copies for guests to take home.  When people started noting the amount of cream cheese used in the recipe I noted that this is why most people don’t give away their wedding cake recipe as they’re eating.  (Also, they usually don’t know it!)  I loved the whole thing.   These cheesecakes were delicious, and the bride and groom have allowed me to share Pam’s recipe here:  Pam Gilman’s Cheesecake Recipe.

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