Indian Tacos and Wildfires

I was called for a few days’ work on the Warm Springs reservation two hours southeast of Portland, OR.  Just east of the Cascades, it is arid and hot.  When I visited, it was 100 degrees, and it was just after 4th of July, which I was told meant wildfire season.  I haven’t had much experience with wildfires, and in my limited knowledge of them, they’re best avoided.  So, when I watched a line of fire descend the ridge, cover the welcoming Warm Springs sign, and approach me and the Airstream, I didn’t really feel like sticking around.  People in town were going about their business at the store and the post office, only stopping to watch with amusement as the fire came closer.  Pleading ignorance to the ways of eastern Oregon, I asked a firefighter for advice.  He subtly and casually suggested leaving town.  When he said the highway out of town might close down, I made the final decision to stop everything and leave quickly  While all worked out well in the end, evacuating from a wildfire certainly enhanced the adventure during my time in Warm Springs.  The equivalent culinary adventure was definitely the $6 Indian Taco made of frybread, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream, sold at a roadside stand by the woman who won awards for best and biggest frybread.  If the picture doesn’t do it justice, it is bigger than your face.


2 thoughts on “Indian Tacos and Wildfires

  1. That fry bread looks amazing! Are Indian tacos a thing? I’m from the NW and have never encountered them.

  2. Frybread is a Native American thing, originating from the Navajo, I believe. I know you can find Indian tacos on some reservations around the west. They’re definitely a once in a year type of treat. I’m in Seattle now, Coastal Kitchen!!!

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