That’s right.  Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.  It’s a taco with queso fresco, grilled asparagus, salsa verde and a fried egg.  It’s the spring special I ordered at LA’s famous Kogi Korean Mexican Street Truck.  It believe @kogibbq was one of the first street food trucks to tweet it’s whereabouts, but I’m too tuckered out to research that further.  So basically, I’m way behind the times on this one.  However, I consider it a momentous personal food triumph to try out the Kogi BBQ truck out myself.

Also, I heard today (via that while Chicago fights to join the food truck world, LA is also undergoing new food truck politics as the health department begins to rate food trucks the same way they do for standard restaurants.  This legitimizes food trucks in a way that rent-paying, static, brick and mortar restaurants don’t want to see happen.

Since being in LA I’ve also eaten tons of citrus (pomelos! grapefruit! mandarins! blood oranges!), and I’ve discovered KCRW’s Good Food podcast!

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