Street Meat in Mexico

Some people avoid the street meat when traveling abroad (or even at home).  I don’t eat meat on a regular basis, but when I travel I must try the street food, meat and all.   I’ve wanted to visit Mexico for a very long time, and I finally had a good reason to go when my two good friends and ex-coworkers, ex-roommates, Alejandro and Anna tied the knot in Cuernavaca.  I spent the first few days there and then headed to the vibrant and leafy Distrito Federal/Mexico City.  I wandered and ate and wandered and stopped at many taco stands for horchata and tacos.  But, I can’t get this consomé (brothy soup) from a taco stand out of my mind.  Maybe its because I don’t usually eat meat broth, and I just don’t understand how broth can taste so full and interesting.  Maybe it’s because it was served in small ceramic pots that you sip out of.  Maybe it’s because it was free, served as an aside to the main taco fare.  The trip was a sweet celebration of love (and food), a sunny escape from Chicago, the freelance hustle, and vegetarianism.  Must return.

More meaty photos below.

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