Life on the road for the past two years would have been completely impossible for me without the hospitality and generosity of friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, couchsurfers, and perfect strangers.  When road fatigue hits, I am revived by a simple, homey moment.  We are all from somewhere, staying somewhere, and eventually on our way to somewhere else.  On a recent visit to Toronto, a Russian-American family living in Canada hosted Nina and me at their home and shared stories and caviar!  Not only that, but they also shared tea, cookies, chocolate, beer, and made us sausages, eggs, and Russian dumplings for breakfast!  We felt like honored guests.  Thanks Sergey, Oksana, and Yaroslav!  As I make a new place for myself, I’m hoping I’ll be able to continue the generosity of home I’ve experienced.  Perhaps I’ll get restless again at some point, but in Chicago this winter, I’m hunkering in.  Do come visit.

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