As soon as we discovered that we could get a stack of steaming hot tortillas for less than a dollar at any time of day or night in our ‘hood, we started eating everything in corn tortillas.  I think I may have become addicted.  We made dessert tacos with queso fresco and guava paste or honey.  We made simple quesadillas with queso fresco and pepper.   And we tried as many different savory tacos as we could.  We bought carnitas by the pound in Pilsen, we ate fancy vegetarian tacos at Big Star, and we made amazing poblano peppers and portabello tacos at home.  (As this is my last month eating meat, I also tried my first lengua/tongue taco, which luckily, did not become a new favorite.)   Our fridge was always stocked with queso fresco, avocado, tomato, and cilantro.  And when we couldn’t eat all of our fresh tortillas, we turned the stale ones into chilaquiles (see last post).   What will I do without fresh tortillas?

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