2 Hour Detour Ice Cream

Being in Dayton we heard wind of Jeni’s Ice Cream in Columbus.  And then everyone we spoke to seemed to remember hearing about amazing ice cream in Ohio.  We surveyed the website intensely, which revealed flavors such as Goat Cheese with Roasted Red Cherries, Mango Lassi (Intense mango flavor with musky undertones; curiously rich and savory with cream and yogurt on the finish), and Wildberry Lavender (Complex. Intense lavender with hints of exotic spices and lots of brambly berry flavors).  So naturally, we drove there after work.  It only took an hour.

We forfeited dinner and ended up dining on Meyer Lemon, Wildberry Lavender, Queen City Cayenne, Pistachio & Honey, Dark Chocolate, and Thai Chili ice creams.  Eliza suggested a new food rating system for this travel blog: how far are you willing to detour for special food items?  Jeni’s is definitely worthy of a two hour detour.


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