My coworkers and I do a pretty good job of remembering that we’re not at home, but we’re also not on vacation.  In more ways than one, we can’t afford to eat out for lunch too often.  Most days we bring empty yogurt quarts full of healthy goodies, but sometimes we work dangerously near delicious (if overpriced) food.  Also…sandwiches are one of my weaknesses.  Collectively, we have tried all the sandwiches at Butcher (little brother to next door’s famous Cochon) except perhaps their version of a Bahn Mi, which I just can’t justify paying 10 bucks for.  I recently had the pork belly sandwich with mint and cucumber.  I also sampled their bacon praline which tasted like sweet lard.  It’s hip and shiny in there, they have bottles of Barq’s root beer, and stacked wood for smokin’.


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