Coffee Geeks

Ashley Gilbertson for The New York Times

I’ve seen how seriously Portlanders take their coffee.  Making coffee is not making coffee, it’s “pulling shots”.  It’s a prestigious gig in the Northwest that requires training, winning competitions, and continued study.   Apparently, the NYTimes deems that NY now takes its coffee seriously.

I think this map of good coffee is awesome, but it stresses me out a little bit.  I’ve been away for nearly two years, and I haven’t tried half of these new places.

I enjoy Cafe Pedlar (from Stumptown dude who was kind of rude when I ordered), Gimmee!  and Cafe Grumpy.   Also, I often like plain old drip coffee. with pie.

One thought on “Coffee Geeks

  1. Hey Whitney! At least I think this is you — Denis and I were so happy to have your card waiting for us when we got home last week. Wonderful to hear from you, and I’ve tripped through your blog and see you’ve been all over the place. Your photos and food notes make me hungry and ready to hit the road to try all the places your write about.

    Is this the only email you have? If you have another, I’ll wait until you send it and send email. In the meantime, love, love, love and say hey to J&M — Cameo

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