Happy Pancake Day

Sure, we thought about going to IHOP for free pancakes this morning to celebrate National Pancake Day, but that would require sneaking in real maple syrup and a jar of peanut butter.  And then we thought about going to the Coffee Cup, a Pensacola classic diner, but I knew I’d end up ordering eggs and grits.

So we made pancakes at home.  Jeremy and I were both inspired late last night by Austin/Mexican pancakes directed to us by a Texan coworker.  Y’all (I’m feeling the Texan influence) know I love pancakes.  These were sweet and sour and light and fresh, instantly sending them into the Top 3 Pancakes Ever Eaten (by me).  Drizzling lemon juice and zest on top was the clincher.

My pancake love came from my parents.  Mom cooks ’em, Dad dresses ’em.  Here is an example from this week.  I’m always on the search for the perfect pancakes.  If you’re feeling hungry today, let me recommend one of my favorite resources on the internet.  I’ve had success with these and these, but I’m still searching for my go-to recipe.  Next I want to try these (cardamom!)


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