Healthy Cookies

Anna reminded me of a “healthy cookie” recipe from 101 cookbooks I’ve been meaning to try.  The cookie is basically coconut, almond meal, chocolate chips, all held together with mashed bananas.  Fantastic.  I eyed the $10 almond meal at Whole Foods because I doubted the stamina of my blender (no food processor on the road).  But as I was buying the chocolate chips and coconut in exact measurements from the bulk section (no leftovers to lug around!), I went with raw almonds.  Luckily, they pulsed easily into dusty almond meal in the blender.  I also had pumpkin pie spice on hand instead of simple cinnamon, which worked nicely.   And I will definitely try chopped bits of 70% dark chocolate next time.


2 thoughts on “Healthy Cookies

  1. Looks WAY too good to be healthy!! Have to get the recipe – how about crumbling one (or more) of these in your agave banana tortilla?????

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