Olga says there’s a Russian saying that says how you ring in the New Year is how you’ll spend the next year.  For me, that means I’ll spend the year warm, comfortable, and asleep (I wish!). I’d rather think that how you welcome the first day of the New Year is how the rest of the year will be.   In my case, I’ll spend the year with friends over a cup of tea.  This New Year’s day I hung with my friend, Wayde, in Brooklyn Heights who makes a perfect cup of tea.  I think the best part of tea is the process.  Wayde’s  professionally precise process is as follows:

1.  Boil water in fancy kettle with temperature control so you can get it to just below boiling.

2.  Put quality black tea in fancy tea steeper.  Add almost boiling water.

3.  Be precise about steeping time.  For our black Emperor’s tea from China, 3min 45 seconds was the sweet spot.  Fancy iphone tea app not necessarily required, but helpful.

4.  Pour. Enjoy.  NO MILK OR SUGAR.


2 thoughts on “HospitaliTea

  1. Blue Cheesey…Thanks for the mention…one small correction. In step one, boil WATER in the fancy electric kettle. Also works with green and oolong teas. Enjoy that wonderful cuppa.

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