“Home” for the Holidays


My mom is the best cook in the world, obviously.  Nothing is spared when the kids come home, and we really eat like kings, especially for breakfast (love!).  On Christmas morning there was grapefruit, cinnamon rolls, cheese, sausage, smoked salmon (from my last trip to Bellingham, WA), crackers, quiche, pear pie, and of course, bottomless coffee.

Christmas day also brought a huge ice storm to southwestern VA, which meant that directly after breakfast we lost power.  This left us without water, stove, or lights.  Mom barely blinked.  She hooked up our generator to provide some power (not enough for the stove) to the toaster oven and cooked the roast in that.  She covered potatoes in tinfoil and threw them in the woodstove we all huddled around in the living room.  And she pulled out some frozen turkey soup she’d previously made and put it in a big pot on top of the woodstove.  We feasted, argued, drank, and laughed like nothing had changed.

DSCN1990 2
DSCN2063 2
DSCN1999 2
DSCN2008 2
DSCN2073 2


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