Nina and I made latkes for the first night of Hanukkah last night, opting for a variation of the traditional potato latke (aka pancake) with this Red Flannel Latke recipe from the NYTimes that includes beet and celery root.  This was my first latke making experience, so I relied entirely on Nina and Mark Bittman.  For Nina’s nostalgia we made some regular sized latkes, but as my patience is low for watching oil do its magic, I pushed for Bittman’s style: one big fat latke.  We also travel with limited supplies, so we didn’t have a grater. We used a peeler to peel the potatoes and then proceeded to peel the entire potato. I think all in all we ended up with some pretty fancy latkes. We added gobs of sour cream, lit candles, and Nina sang.

Nina suggested I turn the leftovers into a yummy Saturday morning breakfast, which was pure genius.  Potato, beets, onions, celery root, and a fried egg.  (Nina not only knows about Jewish foods, she knows about words and radio too!)  Happy Hanukkah, and hooray for food that brings us together.

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