Texas Thanksgiving

This photo is Alex’s

Once upon a time I made a promise that I would be with my family for Thanksgiving no matter what.  I would spend my last dime to get home and tell all my other obligations to screw off.   I have broken this promise three times (no, not in a row!).   The first, I was overseas, and I attempted to make my own Thanksgiving in a country that doesn’t have turkey or pumpkin.  And, I had invited over a vegan.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the same.   These last two years I have been on the road, traveling with coworkers and friends and as we’ve been open to new people and places every single day, we’ve been open to new families, new foods, and new traditions for Thanksgiving.  I still love my mom’s Thanksgiving best, but I’m in awe of the hospitality I’ve experienced when I couldn’t be home for turkey day (Thanks Megan and Family!).  Hopefully I remember this when I have a home to invite people to. This year I’m thankful to have tried chicken and dumplings.  Oh. Man.


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