Pearl Lustre
We pulled into Austin around 7:30, ready for dinner and drink.  We followed people’s recommendations (no advance research) which led us to some good eats, a nice Texas Real Ale Coffee Porter, and a great bar, Lustre Pearl.  Again, it was Sunday, so it was delightfully chill, the air was warm, and the whiskey was cheap.  And I was able to say many many times, “we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
breakfast tacos @ Juan in a Million

We followed more local recommendations for breakfast and coffee, starting with breakfast tacos (new to me) at  Juan in a Million.  Juan in a Million won the Best Handshake from a Restaurant Owner, and I’d agree.  We were taken through a rowdy dining room back into what appeared to be an empty employee cafeteria, but people soon began to trickle in, and the atmosphere improved.   I tried the egg and chorizo taco and a migas (scrambled eggs with tortilla mixed in) taco.  Both were delicious.

Before hitting the road again, Coffee was necessary.


As you can see, Nina shows a marked difference between pre and post caffeine:
not yet caffeinatedcaffeinated


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