I took some time out from Kansas to travel to Washington state with my mom for a spontaneous weekend adventure.  I wanted her to see the state I’ve fallen in love with and to love it too and to declare she’s moving the family to the west coast.  I was extremely worried that the whole plan was ruined as it rained the entire weekend.  But I knew there was still hope when my mom turned to me very seriously and slowly declared, “This is the BEST LATTE I’ve EVER had.”  Of course we ate well in Seattle, on Whidbey Island, and in Bellingham (love), but it was the homecooked goodness from our most hospitable of couchsurfers that made the eatin’ so good, not to mention the good vibes and conversation also bestowed upon us!


On Whidbey Island, Nikki and Luke made us an autumn feast that included dates stuffed with marcona almonds and wrapped in bacon, acorn squash filled with apples and raisins, beet, goat cheese, toasted walnut, spinach, and balsamic salad.  Thankfully Nikki took us on a hike along the bluffs the next morning.  We had such a wonderful evening full of food, conversation, and board games!

In Bellingham Jim and Rick made a delicious breakfast of hash browns, eggs in the hole, and canadian bacon cooked entirely in cast iron skillets with eggs from their chickens.  They have an enviable pantry and are obviously fond of sharing food with friends.  They had a beautiful looking cask of apple cider fermenting nicely on the counter, and I could get lost in their back garden for hours.  They also took us to the Bellingham farmer’s market where I spent the morning swooning over beautiful Washington produce and lemon and pumpkin whoopie pies.
le carrot

And we got to hang with Harold, and break bread for breakfast at the Firehouse Cafe.


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