Wichita, Underwhelming


We had high hopes for our month in Wichita.  I wouldn’t say that we were disappointed per se, but perhaps we shouldn’t have had such high hopes.  Somehow I thought Wichita was a cool under-the-radar midwest city, and we would find a whole slew of haunts.  We were pretty adventurous the first week, but I think things started to go downhill when we had an awful, terrible, no good blue cheese burger at Anchor bar.  The seal of death was the inability to find a cup of coffee we couldn’t see through.  While I certainly wouldn’t drive out of your way to Wichita, if you find yourself there, this is what I’d recommend.  The only place with a drinkable cup of coffee is a franchise called The Daily Grind.  Either it was superb coffee, or we were just really floundering out there.  The Donut Whole is the place to wifi and sit for hours.  If you’re going to get a donut, keep it simple (buttermilk, old fashioned) and bring your own coffee from The Daily Grind.  Go to Monica’s Bundt Cake for all your bundt needs.  And if you’re in town between the hours of 11am and 2pm, go to Old Mill Tasty Shop.  You can get a great sandwich or green chilli and an ice cream soda, and you just may see Kirstie Alley!
I heard Connie’s and Freida’s are the place for Mexican, but never got to either.  And good luck on the breakfast front.  Let me know!

Old Mill Tasty Shop

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