Autumn in Wichita has meant corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and a multitude of squash dinners.  One night we ate this Spaghetti Squash and Chard Gratin recipe as written (switching out the chard for kale).  It was yummy, and because it was a casserole it felt very midwest, which is very fitting.

Another evening Nina and Sara roasted a whole chicken and acorn squash.  They filled the chicken with a lemon, sage, and s+p and rubbed butter, garlic, and sage on the skin.  Then, into a baking pan went yams, red potatoes, onions, apples, vegetable broth and the chicken.  This they roasted for approximately 1 1/2 hr.  The squash was halved and roasted in tinfoil with some water for 40 mins.  They then filled the middles with butter and brown sugar and roasted for another 10 mins.  Devine.

However, for me, the epitome of autumn food is the butternut squash.  And if you’re eating butternut squash, you should most definitely be eating it with sage, caramelized onions, some delightful soft cheese (goat, gorgonzola), and maybe some pear or walnuts.   That go-to combination can work in pasta, on a whole wheat pizza or on its glorious lonesome. We made it into a scramble.  It was the best scramble I’ve ever had, and I don’t take eggs lightly.  This is definitely going to be an autumnal special at my future breakfast cafe.  Recipe below.  Sara whipped up a side salad of spinach, dried cranberries, pears, and pistachio nuts (with a dressing of balsamic, olive oil, mustard, and maple syrup).  And Nina whipped up some oatmeal cookies for dessert!

Scramble recipe follows

SuperSquashScramble (feeds 3)


1 Butternut Squash

1 onion

2 tbsp butter

some crumbled gorgonzola

1 tbsp oil

fresh sage

6 eggs

1. Cut Butternut squash into cubes and roast on a pan in a 400º oven for 40 minutes or until soft and browning.

2. Meanwhile, mix 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp oil in a pan and add 1 chopped onion.  Let the onion caremlize slowly over low heat for 30 or so minutes.

3. Heat another tbsp of butter on low until it browns.  Add a small handful of sage leaves and let them crisp for 2 or 3 mins.

4. Add all of these ingredients to 6 beaten eggs w/ some s+p and scramble!  Add crumbles of gorgonzola to taste.


One thought on “SuperSquash

  1. YUM!! This is my breakfast dream come true. I am totally with you on the butternut squash – I tried to substitute another squash in a soup recently (butternut is hard to find and super expensive in Mexico) and it was not at all the same. Crumbled goat cheese is divine with squash and eggs too.

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