fast food cereal

by isayx3

Ah, cereal. Tuesday nights in my house were cereal nights. That is because it’s the night my mom taught a night class which meant it was dad’s turn to “cook.” Flash forward to another moment at an I95 rest stop where the only options were roy rogers, starbucks, mcdonald’s or sbarros. My travel buddy (Nina) demonstrated food-on-the-road ingenuity by going into the gas station and purchashing a small travel cereal box and bottle of milk. I appreciate a good bowl of cereal. A friend in CA had told me that cereal joints existed, and I just couldn’t believe her. While the Dallas airport doesn’t have free wifi (tmobile wifi, NOT ok), it does have cereal. $4 gets you some sugary cereal, with some nutty add ins and espresso syrup! I think I’ve also seen 10 starbucks and 3 TGIFriday’s in terminal C alone. I love flying, and I love airports, but damn, when are they going to get it together!!? The cereal joint does not make up for this. And I didn’t fork over the cash for coco puffs.


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