Vita-Mix Pt. 2: Banana Ice Cream

Vita-Mix’s recipe for banana ice cream involves ingredients other than bananas (milk, sugar, ice), but I had read it could create banana ice cream out of nothing other than frozen bananas.  The Vita-Mix rocked the smoothie test, but failed to replicate a food processor in the peach pie test.  I discovered the Vita-Mix here, and tried my own ice cream at home.  It worked and was delicious!  That’s 2 to 1 for the Vita-Mix.

The only problem I had was my own.  I wanted to melt chocolate to drizzle over the healthy and vegan ice cream but it acted difficult, as chocolate often does.  By the time I remembered to put it in a water bath (at the exact moment Anna was yelling from Mexico City to get it in a water bath) it was too late, and I was left with little chocolate balls.  Not ideal, but delicious nonethelesss.


One thought on “Vita-Mix Pt. 2: Banana Ice Cream

  1. That looks delicious! Sorbet is on my list to make, but may be tricky without an ice cream maker (or vita mix). Oh, and by the way, I often can’t be bothered to do the water bath thing even though I suggested it – you can also melt the chocolate with butter and it usually doesn’t burn. Just not as healthy…

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