It’s a revolution

I’ll admit it freely, I love Paonia, CO.  Athought I would love it w/o Revolution Brewery, its simple existence sealed the deal.  Revolution Brewery certainly wins for best place in Paonia, if not ever.  We were hooked the first time we went and have been back nearly every single Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening because those are the only days they are open (because they brew small batches that quickly run out).  Also, it’s a “tasting room,” not a bar, which means last call is at 7:55pm, people play chess in the back yard, they allow kids, and it feels just like stooping it up at your neighbor’s house.  Also, it is housed in an old church, and when Thursday rolls around everyone says, “see you at the beer church.”  We’ve tried ’em all and learned this past week that we need a growler to get us through Sunday-Thursday.

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