When we ask Paoniaites where to eat, everyone immediately says Louie’s.  On a Tuesday night we sat in a deep booth next to the bar and enjoyed the X-mas lighting and loudish dreadlocked locals.  We had a pizza w/ sausage and onion and a pitcher of Black Butte Porter ($12).  We’ve all lived in New York long enough to see a cheap pitcher of good beer as a wonderful novelty and to develop a distaste for all pizza outside of NY. (Some say it’s the NY water that makes it so good.)  I don’t know if pizza snobbery made Alejandro declare that Louie’s pizza kind of tasted like frozen, but we finished it and had a good time nonetheless, and I have a feeling we’ll be back.

Update:  We did return to Louie’s, as it is the only place to go on a Saturday night.  It was pretty quiet, there was no live music as we’d hoped, and the flourescent lighting on the back patio left something to be desired.  We couldn’t order a calzone because it takes 30 minutes and must be ordered by 7:30 (as all food ends at 8pm).  And while my meatball parmesan was pretty tasty, I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about.


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