Spearmint Apple Cooler

We left Montrose and headed an hour and half NE to Paonia, CO (pop 1400).   I knew time was running out for the last of the summer peaches, so I headed straight over to Delicious Orchards to pick peaches ($1/lb).   I ended up with half a bushel of the last of the peaches, half a bushel of perfect nectarines.  Delicious Orchards is run by two brothers (originally from “just outside the Holland Tunnel in Essex”).

It turns out they also make Big B’s Fabulous Spearmint Apple Cooler that I discovered the moment I arrived. This stuff comes in a plethora of flavors, but I know spearmint is my favorite (even though I have yet to try them all).  It tastes cold and fresh and is made with only apples, water, and spearmint.

After peach picking, I came straight home and made myself breakfast of oatmeal with nectarines and agave.  Next up, Paonia Peach Pie (or cobler?).

And while in the orchard, I noticed that the Red Delicious Apples looked about a week away from being ready.  I see pie pie pie in my future.


3 thoughts on “Spearmint Apple Cooler

  1. Hi Whitney — How great to hear from you in CO! We’ve wondered where you might be, and now we know. What a good idea to post your culinary adventures as you travel along. We picked corn and blackberries today; company for dinner with the last of the Italian prunes made into a cobbler w/blackberries. Denis and I leave in a few days: first stop, Bangkok, and then on — I’ll keep checking in — love, C.

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