VITA-MIX Pt 1: Smoothies

When I got my first apartment, I decided my splurge item was going to be a blender.

I thought if I spent $80 on a blender it would pulverize ice cubes into ice dust.  Actually, I think it worked about as well as a $25 blender and simply turned ice cubes into smaller ice cubes.

A couple of weeks ago I was perusing some food blogs and found a post on making banana ice cream in something called a Vita-Mix using only frozen bananas.  Apparently, a Vita-Mix is all the rage with vegans and health nuts as you can make your own flour out of grains, your own nut butter out of nuts, and your own ice cream out of frozen fruit!  I saw the price tag, and realized I would never get to try out this blender.

Now, let me just say, I’m not trying to endorse a $500/blender.   However, the house we’re staying in has a Vita-Mix!!!   Alejandro was the first to get excited (though any blender would’ve excited him) because he’s a protein smoothie in the morning kind of guy.   I refuse to get overly excited before I try this baby out.  In the next two weeks I will attempt to give the Vita-Mix a run for its money.

1.  Smoothies:  This was an easy one.  I dropped in one mango, one peach, and some ice.  It came out a little thick so I added some coconut water which did the trick.  The smoothie was perfect.  No ice chunks!  So far so good.

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