Red Barn

Upon our arrival in Montrose we had a pretty serious meat craving and were going to head to any old beer and bbq place until Kathleen, the firecracker owner of the Blue Sky Inn, pointed us to Red Barn, a restaurant John Wayne frequented while filming True Grit.  We immediately set out to verify this rumor and eat some meat.  Our waitress could only confirm, “that’s the rumor.”   We were famished, and we chose to believe it.

I had the pulled pork sandwich with mashed potatoes w/ white gravy. Alejandro had the same w/ onion rings & french fries (bonus!). Sara braved the all-you-can-eat bbq (w/ 3 meats, salad, baked beans, & cornbread). While the food was just what we were craving, the conversation that wafted over from the bar was even better.  (Who knew Wester Colorado could sound like the deep south?)  We eavesdropped and stuffed ourselves.


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