Road Motel Cooking: Blue Sky Inn

Last night Alejandro, Sara, and I had our first home cooked motel meal. We’ve been on the road together just about a week and already feel like we’ve been eating crap in restaurants way too often.  Motels cooking means limited resources requiring a few little tricks.

In normal circumstances I think rice cookers are superfluous kitchen appliances (a pet peeve of mine), but in motel room cooking, they’re the holy grail. Combining a can of Annie’s Chili with a cup of rice and a couple avocado slices made for a delicious meal for three.  I also had some fresh swiss chard which we sauteed with onions and Newman’s Own balsamic vinaigrette (in place of olive oil we didn’t have). Luckily, there’s a stove in our kitchenette, but a hot plate would work just as well for sauteing veggies (or you could steam them on top of the rice cooker).

Dessert was a fresh Colorado peach (the best peaches I’ve ever had) with some raspberry wine sauce (from a jar) on top.

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